About Christian Research


Christian Research began in 1993, but continued the aims of its predecessor MARC Europe which began 10 years earlier in April 1983. Christian Research is an independent registered charity (Number 101 7701) and a company limited by guarantee (Number 279 2246). It is committed to:


Collecting data about church and Christian agencies


Interpreting the results and suggesting actions so that the Kingdom of God may grow


Publishing resource volumes every two years like Religious Trends and the UK Christian Handbook (www.ukchristianhandbook.org.uk)


We serve all sections of the church in the Trinitarian group – Anglicans, Roman Catholics, Orthodox, Methodists, Baptists, United Reformed, and many smaller denominations. We do not do research for non-Trinitarian churches such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons.


We are particularly well known for our large scale surveys of Church Attendance in the various countries of the United Kingdom, the most recent of which was the English Church Attendance Survey undertaken in 1998, whose results were published in the book The Tide is Running Out. Full details of our work may be seen on our web site –-> www.christian-research.org.uk


Recent publications include:


The Tide is Running Out, Christian Research, London, January 2000

Steps to the Future, March 2000, co-published with Scripture Union, Milton Keynes


Twelve Things about Society which impact the Church, February 2001

Twelve Ideas to help ‘turn the tide’, March 2001

Eve’s Glue, October 2001, co-published with Paternoster Lifestyle, Carlisle

UK Christian Handbook 2002/2003 edition, November 2001

Religious Trends No 3, 2002/2003 edition, November 2001


101 statistics that every church leader should know, April 2002

Training Leaders to Think Strategically, Major-General Richard

Dannant, April 2002

Reaching and Keeping Tweenagers, forthcoming


Christian Research has a Board of five people. Its current chair is the Rt Rev John Flack, Bishop of Huntingdon. Christian Research has a staff of five people, and was started, and is currently headed, by Dr Peter Brierley its Executive Director, a statistician with 35 years of experience with working on Christian evaluation, research and publishing. Heather Wraight, who worked in communication for over 20 years, joined him in 1994 and is now Deputy Director.


For more information either visit our web page as given above, write to us at Vision Building, 4 Footscray Road, Eltham, London SE9 2TZ, phone us on 020 8294 1989, fax us on 020 8294 0014, or email us: admin@christian-research.org.uk